Perforated Metal

Perforated metal material:
stainless steel plate,steel plate,copper plate,aluminum plate,nickel plate,al-mg plate.
Perforated metal surface treatment:
electro galvanized,hot-dipped galvanized,PVC coated.
Production process: Mould - punching - cutting - edge trimming - leveling - cleaning
Perforated metal hole pattern:
Round hole,square hole.slot hole round ends,slot hole,triangle hole,hexagonal hole,scale hole. Rectangular hole£¬Cross£¬Diamond
Round holes plate thickness 0.4-6.0mm holes size: 1.0-25mm center to center distance: 3-34mm opening rate:23%-49%
Square holes plate thickness 0.8-3.0mm holes size 3.0-50.0mm center to center distance:5.0-100.0mm opening rate:16%-64%
Slot holes Round ends plate thickness:0.5-3.0mm holes size :1.0x1.0mm - 10 x 45mm center to center distance: 4.0 X6.0 - 20 x 60mm Opening rate:18%-76%
Slot holes plate thickness 0.5-3.0mm holes size 1.0X10mm-10x 45mm Center to center distance: 7.0X1.4-20X60mm opening rate:18%-76%
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