Wire Mesh Fence

Material: galvanized iron wire mesh, Al-Mg alloy wire, etc.
Characteristics: anti-abrasion, anti-corrosion, aging resisting, easy to transport, easy installed, sunshine resisting.
Surface Treatment:
Galvanized and PE/PVC coated
Galvanized include Hot Galvanized
Electro Galvanized
PE coated include power coated and PE coated
* Easy set up or install and transportation saves time and labor costs
* Attractive and sturdy fence panels
* Durable construction can withstand years of abuse in outdoor settings
* Bright, reflective colors stand out in day or night
* Weather proof, corrosion resistance and alkali resistance
* Good through visibility with no blind spots
* Virtually maintenance free
Applications: freeway, railway, airport, seaport, garden, government, building, planting, sting, weather resisting.
1).posts of fence made with concrete pouring, and with low cost.
2).high strength, good overall stability.
3).color plastic coating layer has a good anti-corrosion and decorative effect.


Mesh Size:50200mm,50150mm,50100mm 70100mm
Height Length Curve Wire Diameter
0.63m 2.00m 2 3.0mm
0.83m 2.00m 2
1.03m 2.00m 2
1.23m 2.00m 2
1.43m 2.00m 2
1.63m 2.50m 3
1.83m 2.50m 3
2.03m 2.50m 4
2.23m 2.50m 4
2.43m 2.50m 4

Surface Treatment:

1.Electric galvanized and PVC coated
2.Hot dipped galvanized and PVC coated
3.PVC coated without galvanized.
4.Electric galvanized or hot dipped galvanized

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